A Case Study In Precognitive Dreaming

or Why I Believe Weird Things

The Case/Evidence for Precognitive Dreams as Being the Past, Present and Future Thoughts of A Dreamer.
Bonus - Relativity of Simultaneity, an existing theory in physics provides a model for this phenomena.

Epic Dream - Best ExampleSupernatural?
I Doubt It.

While I do claim to have had precognitive dreams that contain information about objects, people and events prior to experiencing them through known human senses, my dreams do not contain anything more revelatory than what I eventually experience through known human senses. They also contain my own biases and viewpoints. If I had access to another world, I would assume that my dream content would reflect more than what I eventually encounter and form memories of.

A Model for Precognitive Dreaming

One of the biggest obstacles to the acceptance of the phenomena of precognitive dreaming has been a lack of a known mechanism. So I decided to try my hand at trying to model a theory that supports the observations I have made about my own precognitive dreams that doesn't resort to wildly speculative theories of physics or the supernatural.

This video reflects a model of how precognitive dreaming might work. Physicists and neuroscientists are welcome to refine this. My expertise lies in understanding how precognitive dreams work.

Pie Chart for Baylor Study - Precognitive Dreams

Precognitive Dreams are not Extraordinary

In the 2006 Baylor Religion Survey, 43% of Americans surveyed reported they had a dream that later came true. Claims of precognitive dreams reach back in time and across many cultures although the explanations for them vary.

Those who claim “extraordinary” evidence is needed to overturn the current laws of physics that prohibit retro causation have assumed consciousness to be material, therefore, subject to material laws.

In fact, the causal loops seen in my dreams are evidence against consciousness being material to begin with. Thus, there is no need to question laws that work well for matter. We just need to understand consciousness better.

Why evidence for prophetic dreams is hard to find.

Knowing What to Look For

The lack of solid evidence for prophetic dreaming lies partly in not knowing what to look for or imposing certain expectations on dreams that are contrary to the nature of dreams.

My dreams and documented matches are presented here with the hope that they will facilitate better and more fruitful research into the phenomena of dreaming.

Examples include:

      - How figurative speech from waking life is incorporated into dreams.
      - How morphing works to transition between memories.
      - How symbols are defined later in time than when the dream occurs.